Medication Management

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Medicine-On-Time at Broadway & Main Pharmacy

Medication management is an overlooked element in your overall health. Most people think of it as something you don’t need…until you do. Medication mismanagement can worsen conditions, make you ill, reduce the efficacy of your medications, and in some extreme cases, lead to hospitalization.

Your pharmacists at Broadway & Main Pharmacy arrange your medications in a Medicine-On-Time package based on dose time. Each package is organized in a calendar format with removable dose cups. Each dose cup has your name, day, date, dose time and cup contents sealed in a portable medication blister. Having your medications in one package and synchronized for one monthly visit saves you trips to the pharmacy. Removable cups mean you can tear off the medications you need for a certain time and leave the calendar card behind. Whether you’re out for lunch, or out of town, you can take your medicines on time with peace of mind.

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color coded calendars for medicine-on-time medication packaging
Color-Coded Synchronization System

Medications are organized into detailed color-coded calendar cards and customized to a patient’s individual needs.

  • Sturdy, color-coded calendar cards indicate the time of day when medications should be taken
  • Custom laser labels have compliance details clearly printed on all touchpoints
  • Customizable number of days in calendar card
Secure, Detachable Dose Cups

With standard or high capacity dose cup options, Medicine-On-Time’s signature packaging accommodates patients with varying medication regimens.

  • Contains the exact meds the patient needs to take, labeled with the time to take them
  • Capacity for up to 12 medications in one high capacity dose cup
  • Compliance details clearly printed on each dose cup
Medication packaging dose cups from Medicine-On-Time